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A newspaper that's fit to wipe your a** with!

Discussion in 'News Links' started by HFS, Mar 5, 2020.

  1. HFS

    HFS Sharpshooter

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    Sep 8, 2009
    Sir, step away from the toolbox!
    I say BRAVO to the Aussies, they are harkening back to the days when newspapers were a useful resource for the community!

    So with the coronavirus scare, there is apparently a shortage of toilet paper (or "loo paper" to use the queen's English) in Australia.
    Some grocery stores are limiting customers to only buying four packs of T.P. at a time.

    A newspaper in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, is helping to combat the shortage, by printing EIGHT BLANK PAGES as a removable insert (like the ads in the middle of the Sunday paper).
    Readers can tear the blank sheets apart for use as toilet paper to wipe their down under.

    Take that, coronavirus!

    From the pinko left wing British newspaper, The Guardian --

    Coronavirus: Australian newspaper prints extra pages to help out in toilet paper shortage
    NT News, known for its humorous front pages, produces a special edition amid panic over loo roll shortage

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