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IDPA March 24th Oil Capital

Discussion in 'IDPA and IPSC' started by Buzzdraw, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Buzzdraw

    Buzzdraw Sharpshooter

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    Dec 14, 2005
    NE Oklahoma
    IDPA coming to Oil Capital Saturday March 24th. 6 stages for around 100 rounds; bring 150. Weather looks pleasant. Set-up commences at 0730, sign-in begins at 0930 and safety meeting/stage walk-thru promptly at 1000. Entry fee is $15 ($10 for OCR&GC members). Second gun is $5.

    Location http://www.ocrgc.com/?q=node/44

    We will run a Classifier after this match IF the weather is decent as promised. We’ll run the 5 X 5 version.

    Our 2nd gun program is working fine; here it is again.
    1. The 2nd handgun must be one that will properly fit in the SAME holster and use the SAME mag carriers as the 1st gun.
    2. Gun swap out will be at the start box directly under the commands of the PSO. Shooter will bring the gun to the line in a case or gun bag. There will be NO gun swaps at the safety table. Gun left in the holster then swapped is a DQ for unsafe gun handling.
    3. PCC could be shot as the 2nd gun. Users have found the easy way to get the PCC mag pouch into play is to put it a tad behind the 1st division mag carriers and leave that pouch in place. The gun competed with in the first division can also be shot in a 2nd division for which it qualifies under the mag cap rules of that division. Also possible could be a standard division gun followed by a Carry Optics (CO) gun. That would work if the standard division gun will meet safety spec’s in the CO holster that would have to be worn for both guns.
    4. For match reporting purposes, the 2nd gun will be denoted by having the initials (ex. SSP) between your first and last name on the results. PCC and CO reported in the NFC category. You can tell how you would rank in the 2nd gun div/class this way.
    5. Reminder that 2nd guns must be transported in a gun bag or case. PCC’s must have a chamber flag device in place (available at match for $2 if you lack one.)
    A couple reminders regarding PCC: 1) use of chamber flags is mandatory. We have them available at a modest price if you don’t have one. 2) for all PCC’s not actually cased the carbine shall be vertical and remain so until the SO states LAMR. Upon stage completion they shall remain vertical until cased.

    Keep Safe!

    Match Director & Safety Officer Instructor

    1st IDPA Club in OK 1997

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