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Handcrafted Canyon Jumper

Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by Cowbaby, Mar 12, 2021.

  1. Cowbaby

    Cowbaby Sharpshooter

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    Jan 14, 2021
    Ok finally good some good weather for a range report on my load. I realize there are match and benchrest guys here. This is not particularly for you. Its more for hunting guys with sporter barrels, regular 3x9 scope, coat jacket for a rest, no tri pod ect where as DRC458 said we are looking for good velocity and something reasonably accurate.

    First off the Hunter power. I like it. nice sound, great velocity, no flamethrowing or smokepole. I went through all the paces even a .1g above max without any pressure problems whatsoever. easy bolt lift, no ejector marks, primer slightly starting to flatten at the max so load is good. I got two 1/2 grain increments mixed up and eight shot group at 100 yds was 1-3/4". Not the best I ever tried and certainly not the worst. I think I can tinker with the OAL and get them closer to the lands as these were all made factory spec lenght and mainly just looking at how hard I could push the powder. I think it will work admirably as a replacement for 4350 until I can find that again as that was my original intention.

    Just from experience I knew it was not going to be the perfect powder for my rifle just by the powder volume. In all the rifles I currently own they shoot the best when the powder charge ends up in the neck area and is slightly compressed. In the lighter loads i could hear the powder in the finished round shwishing around until I got up to near max and that is where it shot the best, which is kinda good for my purpose. I know someone is going to call me all washed up here and I don't care. Its just the way my own stuff shoots, thats all. I really think this Hunter powder would be best suited for the exact calibers it names on the bottles, 270, 3006 and 300WSm which all have a sightly less case capacity than the 300WM. So you guys with those might give this stuff a whirl.

    The PVRi cases preformed flawlessly and now I got a few fire formed to my chamber so thats a plus too.

    An last but not least, sometimes when we are dinkin around we come across something else by accident. I loaded 9 rounds fo 180gr Hornady Interlock SP behind different rather warm charges of 4000-MR. One lower weight punk round just to eyeball pressure at the starting point and all the other 1 and .5 off max and all 8 went into a 1.2" 8 shot group with a couple touching. Now that's a good node to stumble upon on accident. I will be working with this powder and cartridge length further and if you have a 300WM with heavier bullets you owe it to yourself to try some of this stuff. It says on the bottle it was designed specifically for the 300 and 7 Mag and apparently they are not kidding. I think with a little playing I can get this to group down around 3/4 which this rifle is capable of. Little heavy for deer but man those elk, Aoudad and Nigali buck better look out. I have found my new 180 load

    Was not my best shooting day as I was hurried between rain showers and only had a couple hour window. Also blood pressure was high and could see my heartbeat in the scope. Did not have time to prepare and forgot to bring my sand bag ect. But it was just fun to get out of the house and I had the range to myself. Sholder feels skinnier than it used to be and after 20 or so shots at paper I had enough till next time.

    target.jpg 400mp.jpg
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2021
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